January 28, 2023


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Finest Juju Shortbow Setup: What Works and What Doesn’t

The most effective Juju Shortbow setup may be summed up in a single phrase – versatility. This weapon lets you select from a number of various kinds of harm and fight kinds, so relying on the kind of monster or quest that you just’re doing, you might wish to optimize for particular fight kinds by including or eradicating sure elements of the Juju Shortbow. This information will train you all the things it’s essential to learn about the perfect Juju Shortbow setup as a way to optimize your fight based mostly in your present scenario.


With a purpose to discover the perfect juju shortbow setup on your specific wants, it’s necessary that you just take into account your stats, armour, fight type and weapon. These 4 elements will assist decide what the perfect juju shortbow setup is for you.
The very first thing to think about when selecting a juju quick bow is your fight degree. In the event you’re beneath 40 fight ranges then we suggest selecting a maple or yew bow as they’re each simple to acquire from low-level monsters. Nevertheless, in case you’re at or above degree 40 then we suggest contemplating a yew or magic bow as they’re more practical in higher-level fight conditions.
Subsequent, it’s necessary to think about what armour kind you’re utilizing.

The Case for the Juju Shortbow

The most effective juju shortbow setup on your journey will fluctuate enormously relying on the place you might be. For instance, in case you’re exploring the jungle of Karamja, you’ll wish to carry a couple of items of meals in addition to an antipoison potion to maintain your self alive. In the event you’re exploring the desert of Al Kharid, it’s necessary to remain hydrated always by bringing waterskins with you. And in case you’re exploring the frozen lands of Japanese Kingdoms within the winter, be sure you bundle up or discover a hearth in order that your well being doesn’t drop too quick. These are just some examples of how completely different areas name for various setups; just remember to take into consideration what may occur when planning your subsequent journey!

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The Optimum Juju Shortbow Setup

The most effective Juju shortbow setups is to make use of the next setup: one-handed crossbow + off-hand air battlestaff. It will will let you deal ranged harm along with your mainhand crossbow, whereas nonetheless with the ability to carry out highly effective spells along with your off-hand air battlestaff. You too can swap out the off-hand air battlestaff for a two-handed employees if you would like extra max hit factors out of your meals as a substitute of extra magicka. One other good juju shortbow setup is 2 one-handed swords + two shields. This offers some selection in how one can defend your self, in addition to supplying you with entry to each offensive capabilities along with your swords, and defensive capabilities with the 2 shields.


-The most effective juju shortbow setup I’ve discovered is an assault type setup with the next gadgets: juju quick bow, superior scrimshaw of vampyrism, hexhunter bow, potion of agility. This setup offers you an opportunity to do numerous harm whereas nonetheless with the ability to heal again up.
-In case you are extra fearful about protection, use a defensive type with the next gadgets: juju quick bow, hexhunter bow, dragonbane bolts (e), alchemical onyx bolt ideas (e), ortega fruit or pineapple pizza. This offers you just a little bit extra survivability however at the price of your means to dish out as a lot harm in a single shot.